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Shot at the Devil’s Horsemen in Buckinghamshire, UK, this project documents the daily routines and essential work performed by the company’s workers during the nationwide lockdowns between 2019 and 2021. The Devil’s Horsemen is a leading supplier of horses and stunt men and women in the film industry. The company has worked with world renowned productions including Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, HBO, Netflix, and Working Title Films.

From very different walks of life, the workers at the Devil’s Horsemen are brought together by their love for horses and their determination to make a living for themselves in which horses play a central role. Camilla Naprous, a second-generation horse master, runs and leads the company alongside her brother. Camilla’s career highs include running the horse department on HBO’s hit show, Game Of Thrones. Far from the glamour of Hollywood, this project pulls the curtain back on a fascinating way of life – one that is marked by the intimacy of the relationship between horses and humans, as well as the danger and ardor of the work at hand.